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STEAM School Holiday Programme - Suitable for ages 6 and over 

Each day of our program, students will dive into a world of games, coding, and robotics, experiencing a perfect blend of fun and education through team-building activities that foster friendships, and a chance to learn, play, and grow!

In addition to these exciting activities, here's what they can expect for each themed day:

Mon, 25 Sept - Artificial Intelligence Adventure: Ethical Use and Self-Education
Discover the fascinating realm of artificial intelligence! Students will explore the ethical use of AI and learn how to utilise prompt engineering techniques to enhance their self-education journey. Through interactive discussions and engaging activities, they'll understand the potential and responsibilities that come with AI.

Mon, 2 Oct Online Gaming Odyssey: Connecting Safely in the Digital Realm
Embark on an online gaming adventure while learning to connect safely in the digital world. Students will delve into the gaming landscape, understanding responsible gaming practices and strategies to interact with friends and strangers securely online.

Tues, 3 Oct - Green Science Expedition: Eco-Friendly Applications of Scientific Curiosity
Join us on a journey of eco-friendly science exploration. Through hands-on experiments and creative projects, students will delve into the application of scientific concepts to address environmental challenges, from renewable energy to waste reduction.

Designed with a focus on fun and engagement, our holiday programme offers a unique blend of entertainment and education. While our after-school program delves deep into educational content, our STEAM School Holiday Program takes a slightly different approach – it's all about learning through play

Why Choose Our Program?

Expert Guidance: Our experienced mentors are dedicated to providing engaging and enriching experiences for every participant. Our educators are passionate, NZ Police vetted professionals with industry STEAM and educational backgrounds.

Collaboration and Friendship: Your child will have the opportunity to make new friends who share their passion for gaming and STEAM. Our program fosters teamwork and cooperation through exciting group activities.

Creativity Unleashed: We believe in nurturing your child's imagination. Through gaming challenges, project building, and artistic endeavors, they will have the freedom to express their ideas and unleash their creativity.

Take-Home Skills: Our program aims to equip your child with valuable knowledge and skills in gaming, coding, problem-solving, critical thinking, and STEAM principles that will empower them beyond the program duration.

Location: Pukekohe Old Borough Building (Next to Plunket)

What to bring: Your device (Chromebook, iPad, Laptop along with a charger) Please contact us if you are unsure or need to borrow device)
NUT FREE snacks, lunch and water. 

Any equipment or accessory to support any sensory processing requirements are also welcome. 

As spaces are limited, we encourage you to secure your child's spot today to avoid disappointment.